Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pasta Pals

 Warung Pasta

Earlier this week something exciting happened: I met up again with Amel! In case you missed it, we met up once before—after months of missing each other—and I was so excited to see her again. She even popped up in my dreams the prior night—not kidding. Amel just happens to be in Jakarta around this week, not really for an event or anything, so we decided to meet up again. I thought it would be nice to visit a quite good place for photos with affordable prices. It didn't end up being one of those hyped up places most bloggers/influencers have photo sessions at, but we had a right ol' time laughing and talking about all sorts of things—with good food too! It also happens to be both of our first time at Warung Pasta—which apparently has quite a lot of branches around Java. We both quite love the food and totally got a full-course meal there. Afterwards, we sauntered to a nearby mall because Amel was on the hunt for some sartorial items—expect to spot it on her blog/instagram soon-ish—and I wanted bubble tea. We stayed out a bit late and went on our separate ways around dinner time. So excited to see her again next week!

thrifted dress via The Brave Life // thrifted skirt + loafers // Sis's socks + purse // Oh My Bows (R.I.P) hair bow //

outfit photos by Amel

Earlier that day Amel had a photo session with a local rental store, so she showed up earlier at the meeting spot and recorded bits of her outfit on her instagram story. When I saw what she was wearing, my mind immediately raced to all the pieces I own that I could put together to match her cuteness—you can see her whole outfit here. At the same time, I'm still at the goal of wearing the clothes that I hardly ever did on the blog and this dress from Elizabeth definitely falls into that category. Although it's a great fit and incredibly cute, I just always found it difficult to remix because it stands so well on its own. But this time I decided to try pairing it with one of my favourite bottom pieces—this thrifted polkadot number. It just so happens that the restaurant we went to has a mural in it—okay, I totally checked—and the colour schemes matches my whole outfit. Also, here's a styling from the original owner from her blog.

Elizabeth of The Brave Life (previously Delightfully Tacky)

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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Bendera Berjalan

Disclaimer: This post is written in Indonesian, so if you don't speak the language, I hope Google Translate will help you. Sorry guys, it's for our Independence Day.

Dirgahayu HUT RI ke-72, kawan-kawan Indonesiaku! Pada ikutan lomba ngga? Makan kerupuk atau balap karung atau tarik tambang? Atau udah nonton panjat pinang se-RT? Favoritku sebetulnya tarik tambang sih, dan aku biasa ditaruh di barisan paling belakang karena gendut dan punya otot lengan yang lumayan. Tujuh belasan tahun ini kalian ada rencana apa? Kalau aku mau ngunjungin Pameran Batik Semanggi dari Dia.Lo.Gue dan Sejauh Mata Memandang bareng Iva. Yaay! Kesempatan terakhir ketemu tahun ini nih, hiks. Kalau pas foto-foto di post ini, aku lagi jalan-jalan aja sama Kakak di AEON dan ngeliat Anne Avantie demonstrasi pemakaian kain batik—sekalian pameran produk-produk atelier-nya. Rasanya ngga percaya banget bisa liat Anne Avantie sedekat itu! Rencana awalnya sih mau ketemuan sama teman online yang kebetulan lagi ada di Jakarta, tapi sayang terpaksa batal karena orangnya ada acara dadakan. Semoga bisa ketemu dalam waktu dekat ini. Amiin.

My sister calls this the codfish face (beautiful, innit?) :')

Hand-me-down shirtdress + jacket + tights // Flapper Girl (R.I.P) necktie (similar) // Shakespeare & co. tote bag //

old boots // photos by Akita

Tentu saja tanggal tujuh belas temanya merah putih dong. Yah, meskipun baju ini sebetulnya ngga dipakai pas 17-an betulan sih. Awalnya aku udah mau kehabisan ide mau pakai baju apa tahun ini. Dulu perasaan baju-baju warna merahku ada banyak deh, kok giliran dicari malah ilang semua ya? Terus jadi inget kalau baju-baju itu banyak yang udah dijual, udah ngga muat atau disumbangkan—agak nyesel jadinya. Tapi ternyata masih ada pakaian warna merah yang sesuai kebutuhan, kayak jaket dan tights ini. Kemeja sekaligus dress-nya sendiri persis sama yang aku pakai tahun kemarin. Tadinya di rambut aku mau pakai pita yang sesuai sama bajunya, tapi malah ketinggalan di rumah. Terakhir, dilengkapi sama dasi silang ini, kurang merah putih apa coba? Kelihatan kayak yang udah siap upacara di Istana ngga sih? Mungkin aku terlalu pede sih, tapi seriusan rasanya selama jalan-jalan banyak orang yang ngeliatin bajuku deh—ya iyalah, udah kayak bendera berjalan.

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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Lemongrass Ginger "Tea"

Just once this summer—at least for my friends in the northern hemisphere—I want to post a recipe that is refreshing to fight off the heat. At the same time, I want to really accommodate local ingredients and local taste. There is a recipe—albeit not exactly local, but using ingredients quite easily acquired here—that I've been wanting to try out for years. I feel like it's refreshing, especially served chilled, and I find very tasty and healthy. It's the Vietnamese lemongrass tea. But, me being me, I feel like adding a twist into the recipe and turning into something that might become my future comfort drink. In the title I call it "tea," because it's not actually using tea leaves—as is what we Asians normally feel qualify as tea—but I've been told that in certain parts of the world drinks are called tea nonetheless—pure sacrilegious for me, to be honest. It's also sugar-free, with vegan alternatives listed down below. Hope this would refresh your summer!

(original recipe via The Wanderlust Kitchen)
  • 8 cups water
  • 2 stalks lemongrass, chopped
  • 1 cm ginger, chopped finely
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • sliced lemon/lime for garnish (optional)
  1. Boil the water in a medium sauce pan on high heat
  2. Add the lemongrass and ginger and boil rapidly for 5 minutes
  3. Let it simmer on low heat for another 5 minutes
  4. Strain the stalks and ginger
  5. Add honey and stir well to let it dissolve
  6. Serve warm or chill in refrigerator and serve with ice
  7. Enjoy!
Tips:  Be careful with cutting those lemongrass stalks, they are tricky to chop! It's okay to just shell and dump them in the boiling water, if that's easier for you. Obviously, peel the ginger before you chop them—but be careful. Grated gingers are also all right. The water might reduce significantly in the process, so add more than what you think you need. Add the honey little by little to make sure it suits your taste. If you're vegan or don't like honey, you can use maple or fruit syrup of choice. You can obviously also use sugar, but I would advise against it. You can also add in the sliced lemon/lime into the concoction at the end—it adds a subtle zest! If you want to make it into an actual tea, you can also add tea leaves during boiling. Feel free to reduce or add the ingredients to suit your taste—personally, I feel like I'd use less ginger next time. Lass es euch schmecken!

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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Un-Thawed by Time

Hey, guys, guess what? Iva is in town! So, naturally, Edwin, Wilson and I just had to get together and come up with a hangout plan with her. We like to come up with different plans each time a friend of ours come home from Germany—a Returnee committee, if you will. So, in addition to the karaoke, hotpot party and museum-hopping we did before, we decided to hit the bowling alley this time. First, we assembled at Iva's house, because it was the centre point of all our houses. We met up around lunch time and went straight to Warung MJS for a good ol' traditional buffet. It was such a gorgeous place to eat, with a great selection of food and drinks and wonderful service—also incredibly affordable too! Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures there, except this really awesome photo of the massive amount of food we ordered. Afterwards, it was bowling time! None of us really knew how to bowl—despite the fact that I've done it before—so it was all up to luck for us (lol). Edwin got the highest score the first set and then Iva got the lead. It was too much fun, there was no time for photos! Lastly, we ended up sitting at a local cafĂ© for hours just catching up and reminiscing and talking about various topics. 

old top + dress + socks // American Apparel (R.I.P) hair bow // hand-me-down purse // MKS shoes // photos by Edwin

There is a certain comfort that comes with those friends that have been with you for years, despite being geographically apart and may not even keep in contact on a daily basis. Our circumstances have definitely changed since we first met, our personalities may have grown over the years, and yet we still have pretty much the same dynamics. With these guys, it almost doesn't matter where we are, I am instantly transported back to Karlsruhe or Paris or Hannover or wherever we once ventured together. At the same time, we've all definitely changed in various ways. For instance, I now blog openly in front of them, but their support is so surreal to me. In fact, when Edwin and I were taking these photos, Iva commented on one of my poses, "That pose is so Bivi!"—and then to the others—"seriously, if you go to her blog, you'd see her posing like that all the time!" Edwin also often likes my outfit photos on instagram. Those are seriously touching. The only thing I wish was here is Firu—it would've been awesome to have the full team.

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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Homecoming: Three Years Later...

To tell a story, I think it's best to start from the beginning. So let's start from the top! If you've been around here for too long, you might know that I used to live in Germany. I made the move in 2011, around a year before this blog came to be. This ended three years ago eleven days from now, when I decided to pack my bags and head homewards. I dabbed on the subject a little bit here and there, but I don't think I ever really went over it in great detail, so now—three years on—I feel like I'm finally at a place where I can talk about it without breaking down into pathetic sobs. Now, this will most likely be a terribly long post, so if you're not particularly interested, this might be a great time to click away. Don't worry, better and more cheerful content will be back soon.

Monday, 7 August 2017

And It Was All Yellow

 Twin House

Woohoo! It's another outfit photo session with Tasha! Earlier this month, we met up again for one of our OOTD outing, as I once called it, to this cute little restaurant hidden behind the busy streets of Cipete: Twin House. Whenever we do this, Tasha is always the one who chooses the location and they almost always end up looking really, really instagrammable—and bloggable too! Not only is the location so adorable, but the food and drinks are actually not bad—I would recommend their Wild Mushroom Angel Hair, it is divine! The place is divided into two small house-like structures, with quite a wide backyard—in the middle of which sits a long table over a picnic blanket, surrounded by colourful beanbag chairs—located at the end of a small road leading away from the main street. So, it's no surprise that the place was a hotspot for outfit shots—everyone who went there that day took turns snapping shots of their friends one way or another. It was somehow a real busy day when we went; there was a lookbook shoot, a bridal shower, a social gathering and a multitude of social media indulgence. But we made sure to get out of everyone's way—the staff's, most of all.

Hand-me-down shirt + purse // old hat + boots + socks // Book of Deer dress // photos by Tasha

When Tasha dropped me a line and asked me to go on this outing, my mind quickly raced to the outfit I should wear. Then I remember that I haven't shown the other item from Book of Deer that I purchased two months ago on the blog, so here it is.  At first, I wanted to wear it on its own the first time, but since I was too lazy to go wax my pits, I decided to just wear this shirt underneath. In my head, I feel like that outfit would go so well with twin plaits and boots—topped off with some sort of hat. When I look in the mirror, it suddenly dawned on me that I look almost exactly like Laura Ingalls or Anne of Green Gables—but I've only ever read the Little House series, so I feel like I was channeling my inner Laura. These plaits, by the way, took such a long time for me to pull off, because I'm suck tremendously at girly things like hairstyling—and, guess what, they're still super messy. Lastly, it was only after I got home did I realise that I was wearing a dress adorned in vinyl prints and Tasha was wearing a The Who t-shirt. Funny, eh? As if it's not already obvious, it's only natural that I should take the title from a (famous) song lyric.

P.S: I feel like I need to say that I'm so happy to get to know Tasha. Every time we see each other, I'm very, very sure that she's one of the most beautiful people I've ever known in my whole life and—as is the case with the rest of them—her physical beauty is the least interesting part of her whole self. Check out her Instagram for outfit deets!

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